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Search-as-a-Service using the dtSearch Engine is available from our sister site Our aim is to provide a low cost entry point for organizations looking to securely store data offsite and to setup multiple user accounts to let people carry out powerful Boolean search on the data.

Problems that many small organizations have is maintaining in-house servers for storing company data, or running shared hosted websites with a need to provide searching of documents other than the web pages themselves, but don't have in-house developers with experience of search engines.

A particular problem arose when one of our long time customers wanted to provide a subscription search service to a collection of legal documents (Laws, Case Judgments, etc.) from their shared hosted Linux WordPress site. Without software developer staff the choice was limited to dtSearch Web as a non-programming option, which meant a switch to a more expensive dedicated Windows server, or switching to a dedicated Linux server and hiring a developer to integrate the dtSearch Engine for Linux. 

Since we had already developed a RESTful interface to the dtSearch Engine, we decided to migrate the customers data to AWS and to develop a WordPress Plugin for the customer so that they could easily upload files and search their PDF & HTML documents. Eventually the customer's data was moved to the Search Cloud One site and a generic Boolean WordPress Plugin was developed which is available from the Plugin site. 

The new service is ideal for organisations looking to offer their staff, members or paying subscribers a way to carry out powerful Boolean search on documents securely stored offsite; if you have a unique collection of reports, documents, service manuals, scanned old manuscripts, etc. that you feel could be monetized, now is the time to switch to an easy to deploy Search-as-a-Service solution that doesn't involve you paying out thousands of dollars for software licenses, weeks of developer time or having to move your site to a hosted dedicated server. 






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