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This blog is all about you, me, technology and our scope of imagination. We thought it was appropriate to call this blog The Omniscope named after Professor Shonku’s invention the ‘Omniscope’. Omni meaning everything, all, everywhere! A prefix to all sorts of words; why 'scope'? When I looked up 'scope' in the dictionary, I was overwhelmed by all its different meanings; what I will say is scope in this context means all views, all opinions, all innovations outside of the box. This blog is essentially about thinking outside of the box. The box could be your office, home, school, bedroom, toilet, your mind, and especially this box! Whatever box you are stuck in let’s take this journey of breaking down these walls together...

For those of you that have never heard of Professor Shonku, he is a fictional scientist, first brought to life by Satyajit Ray in 1961. Shonku had what one can only describe as a wonderfully innovative imagination. If he were a real person he could be viewed as a technology radical. He was responsible for an abundance of inventions, of course the these inventions were fictitious, however in this present digital age I am more inclined to think that some of his contraptions and gadgets may have already been invented or are being invented as I type. Check out some of his inventions...

Omniscope – A combination of telescope and microscope, that looks like and can be worn as spectacles.

Intellectron – A device to measure intelligence!

Robu – A robot built with very cheap materials, programmed to answer any question asked.

Evolutin – A drug that makes people evolve 10 thousand years in 5 minutes!

Linguagraph – A device that translates any human language to any other language; the translation capability is supposed to include animal languages, and works on cats, plants, ants and even viruses too!

Compudium – Short for Computerized Medium, a device to contact departed souls.

Ceribrilant - Medicine to make your brain function a better way.

Hmm... you may think they sound far-fetched and implausible, but remember, we live in a world where you can now pay for goods using face recognition; where many believe spying can be done by remote controlled nanotech robot insects that take pictures and DNA samples; a world where contraception now consists of a chip strategically inserted under the skin to regulate hormones and resulting in copulation without pregnancy.

I wonder if Professor Shonku sampled any of his inventions. Ceribrilant medicine to make your brain better! This one sounds familiar, in fact I am quite sure this one has already been invented, I may have even sampled some myself, however I think these 'medicines' are all banned! Can you imagine evolving 10,000 years in 5 minutes, Wow!!! No seriously though what will life be like in 10,000 years? Will the dinosaurs return, will humans be null and void, the world may be run by robots created by Shonku like Professors! Oh well, that’s another blog post, in the meantime please think outside the box, ciao for now! P.


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