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Imagine living in a world that has a machine that could search the brain and bring forth answers! Something similar to a handheld thesaurus or dictionary; for example any word could be typed into the machine the results would consist of any association, activity or thought the individual has had with that word! Can you imagine…

Crime and Punishment
The police would no longer need a lie detector test,  instead they would enlist the help of the BrainSearch engine.  It sends signals to the left hemisphere of the cerebrum – this is where all the thinking takes place. This part of the brain also controls speech and emotions. More importantly the cerebrum controls long and short term memory.The individual would have no control of the answer.

Scenario – the police have arrested two men for assault, there are no witnesses and the victim is not entirely sure which of the men assaulted him because all of them were drunk. To complicate things further each person is blaming the other.

The question is typed into the machine “did you assault A?” The machine prints out all the thoughts in the brain connected to “A” in real words. The brain would respond directly to the machine. The lie detector test would be rendered useless. The crime rate would fall.

Older crimes would be solved by BrainSearch having access to long term and short term memory. A revolution in solving crime, interrogating over a two day period would be a thing of the past. thirty minutes is all it would take to solve crimes.

Thought and Idea Theft
If BrainSearch ever progressed into a handheld apparatus that worked over more than a metre or so and got into the hands of scheming minded individuals – face it any of us could fall into that category on any given day – identity theft could evolve into thought, idea or innovation theft! The potential to send signals to someone like Elon Musk would be tempting. Imagine tapping into the cerebrum of  Steve ChenRay Kurzweil or Jeff Bezos. One could steal the idea from the sub-conscience before it arrived at the conscience and then erase it totally from the individual so that he or she would never know it existed in their mind in the first place. Wow! How would anyone ever be able to prove that the invention was theirs? 

It is quite possible that BrainSearch could be useful in other areas of human life, like  search analytics for the brain. Humans seem to have a fascination with statistics and measuring random areas of our everyday lives. For example it may be able to calculate exactly how much information you have stored in your brain at any one time. You could produce weekly statistics on what you spend your time thinking about.

It could erase things from your brain and transfer it to online clouds. It would list extracts in order of priority,  the thing you worry about most would be the first result, you would choose what you want extracted from your memory to save in your online drive. That could be called the ‘clear your head process’ !

Researchers would have accurate statistics on how often men think of the female posterior, is it really every three minutes?

What could go wrong!

It seemed like a good idea when I starting writing,  now I am not so sure… If BrainSearch was introduced into the crime prevention industry would policemen be replaced by machines, geeks and security guards? The geeks would operate the machines, the security guards would ensure the geeks were safe, the machines would provide all the intelligence needed to prove the person guilty (or not). The criminal justice system would be altered, no jury service or prosecution or defence lawyers. The judge would only need to decide the sentence for the crime!

Of course I am not a scientist, I have absolutely no idea how this could be done; BrainSearch is only a figment of my imagination… P.

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