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Cloud First

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In our 'Back to the Future' blog of October 2015 we hinted that "where we're going we don't need roads", that was a reference to the move to cloud based services, a move way from using PCs connected to ethernet networks and accessing software or data on internal servers, to accessing remote cloud based software often while mobile via Wi-Fi. We've been making sweeping changes to the way we work in the last couple of years and recently we retired this collection (or should it be a herd) of servers after migrating everything they contained onto Amazon Web Services.

Stemmer Testing

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The Paice-Husk Stemmer developed by Chris D Paice with the assistance of Gareth Husk at Lancaster University features an externally stored set of stemming rules, and this flexibility over the Porter stemmer made it of interest to several researchers including ourselves.

Apart from the Stemmer itself, Chris Paice developed a method for directly measuring the performance of stemmers using grouped lists of words, and we made use of his 'ERRT' method in our List Analyser software while developing and testing our own stemming rules in several languages for the dtSearch Stemmer, which also stores the rules in an external file much like the Paice-Husk Stemmer.

Back to the Future...

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Our last blog in October 2014 looked back at 2004, when the Windows Desktop became a battleground for search.

It seems appropriate now with October 2015 being the famous month from the film "Back to the Future"* that we look at what's coming in the future - 'where we're going, we don't need roads'...

Desktop Wars

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Last month we looked at the pioneers of desktop search on the PC; Zylab, ISYS and dtSearch. Over a decade later on 14 October 2004 Google Desktop Search was released, in the same month Microsoft announced its intention of offering search software by the end of that year, the desktop war was in full swing...