Search as a Service

Search Cloud One

Our Search Cloud One platform provides a fully managed professional search-as-a-service.

The platform is designed to securely store high volumes of PDF documents together with meta data for advanced search filtering.

Data is pushed by our plugins from your WordPress site to Search Cloud One via a RESTful JSON API to a dtSearch Engine for Linux running in a secure cloud.

Search Cloud One keeps track of changes to your Posts & Pages and automatically recognises staging sites & local test sites with the same connection key.

WordPress Plugins

This site like millions of others uses the WordPress CMS. It provides demonstration search pages that use our Site Search ONE plugin. The Site Search ONE search widget is in the footer of each page.

Site Search ONE plugin

The Site Search ONE WordPress Plugin provides advanced professional search of WordPress Posts and Pages. A Premium add-on plugin extends the search to the WordPress Media Library and adds other features.

Click the button below for more details, a download link from the WordPress Plugins Directory, a 30-day free trial, and User Guides for the standard and premium plugins!

Search Cloud One plugin

The Search Cloud One WordPress Plugin provides advanced professional search of documents uploaded to our secure Search Cloud One platform.
Update: is currently being upgraded to be compatible with Site Search One.

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A demonstration of search pages produced entirely using our Search Cloud One WordPress Plugin.