User Thesaurus Plus

User Thesaurus Plus lets you choose the User Synonyms or Macro file in use by dtSearch Desktop/Network to get more focused search results, it also includes an alphabet file editor for all currency signs.  Create your own thesaurus and macro files or choose from over 30 included files.

The user thesaurus built-in to dtSearch Desktop is used to supplement the included English WordNet Thesaurus, for example to add alternative words in other languages, specialised terms, local jargon, brand names and so on, but it can only work with a single file; the same applies to the macro file.

User Thesaurus Plus lets you create multiple thesaurus and macro files so that you can choose from many smaller files for highly specific search purposes. User Thesaurus Plus comes with over 30 thesaurus and Macro XML files*, it also has enhanced editing features: sort synonym groups; copy and paste from the web and let the built-in filtering remove invalid characters and formatting; stop-word highlighting and removal; merge files and more.


  • Search for every mention of a persons name, add all alternative spellings, aliases, maiden names, diminutives, or nicknames in a synonym group so that your search for any one of the names will find all variants.
  • Enhance recall where the built in stemming and English WordNet may not handle particular words, for example irregular verbs and nouns in English and some other languages.
  • Cross-lingual information retrieval (CLIR). For example you might be using the spider to search on news Web sites in different languages for people, places, events or products – you can enter translated or transliterated/Romanized forms of the words in synonym groups.

Over 30 included thesaurus and macro files:

  • Irregular verbs in English, French, German, Danish, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Norwegian, Swedish
  • Irregular nouns in English, Danish, Dutch, Norwegian and Swedish
  • Personal names with multiple variants in different scripts (i.e. Latin, Cyrillic, Arabic)
  • Months and days in over 20 languages
  • Samples for legal, medical, trade terminology, etc.
  • Includes macro files for IPv4, IPv6, BTC (Bitcoin) and example single word/phrase and multiple phrase expansions.


As from 6th Mar 2024 User Thesaurus Plus is no longer available for use with dtSearch end-user products.

It will continue to be supplied with the SiteSearchONE Premium plugin for use on a single WordPress website.

Some features of this product are also included in eSearch Universal Desktop Search.