Universal Search Client

PoC (product name, features, prices are all provisional and are subject to change)

Contact us if you want to take part in beta testing or want to be kept updated on this product.

Universal Search Client (USC) 

Is a ‘low cost per user’ search-only client alternative to dtSearch Web or dtSearch Network, available for Windows, macOS or Linux operating systems. USC requires the use of the Universal Search Server  and a dSearch product installed on the network to create the indexes.


  • Scrolling Wordlist
  • Faceted search option
  • Stemming Language option
  • User Thesaurus option
  • Field search filters
  • PDF files are multi-color hit-highlighted without having to install other software.
  • Compatible with Database Indexer and 365 Indexer – can display PDF files cached in the index.
  • The user interface can be localised into any Unicode supported language.
  • Access is controlled by Active Directory.


The user interface is in English but users can edit an external file to translate all the visible text into any language supported by Unicode. Samples supplied as standard:
Russian, French


30 Day Trial version:


Pricing: (includes one Universal REST server license)

$/year* up to 350 users
$/year* up to 250 users
$/year* up to 100 users


*Contact us with your requirements, these systems are a flexible alternative to dtSearch Network