Stemming Tester


Stemming Tester is a FREE utility that incorporates the same iterative stemming algorithm as dtSearch to allow you to test the dtSearch stemming rule files, including the rules in the Language Extension Packs.

  • Import a Word List to stem large groups of words quickly
  • Word List Cleaner (for cleaning standard test collections (CESI etc)
  • Character map for easier entering of characters not on your keyboard.
  • Includes a Porter (1980) stemmer for benchmark testing.
  • Print or Save results to a file.
  • Word List Analysis.
  • Logging facility so that you can record all tests you carry out.
  • Reads in Word Lists, including 'grouped' word lists and outputs
    'grouped' word lists for use with Word List Analyser to measure
    stemming errors according to the method of Chris D Paice for calculating
    Error Rate Relative to Truncation (ERRT).


Note: Stemming Tester is included with
all Language Extension Packs

LEP502 Western European languages
from 250 USD
LEP503 Eastern European languages
from 250 USD
LEP500 All languages & Russian Plus extras
from 375 USD

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