Stemming Language Selector


The Stemming Selector utility is for use with dtSearch Desktop or dtSearch Network to provide language specific stemming. Because dtSearch Desktop uses the stemming rules at search time (known as Query Conflation) there is no need to re-index for each language and no need to have language specific indexes.

Language specific stemming is essential to obtain the high recall demanded by professionals in the legal, law enforcement, intelligence, and other serious research fields for non-English data.

Stemming Selector 4 is available on its own for use in conjunction with dtSearch Desktop or dtSearch Network, or as part of a Language Extension Pack (LEP500 series) for use by end-users or developers. 

  •  Generates the stemming rules on demand. Set the target path to the stemming file in dtSearch Desktop; to change the stemming language simply select the language from the drop down list before making your search in dtSearch Desktop.

  •  Developers can use Stemming Selector 4 to generate multiple stemming language rules in the same format as the previous LEP400 series. (Needs Language Extension Pack license - LEP500 series).

  • "Always on top" option for convenient use with dtSearch Desktop.

  •  30-day evaluation version includes all the languages in SLS500 (except the Russian Plus rules).

  • Click here for list of languages included