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This site like millions of others uses WordPress

We also produce WordPress Plugins:

Site Search ONE

The Site Search ONE WordPress Plugin provides advanced professional search of your WordPress Posts and Pages.

This website has several demo search pages using Site Search ONE and the Site Search ONE search widget in the footer.

Click the button below for more details, download the public beta on 30-day free trial, or read the User Guides!

Our Search Cloud One site provides fully managed professional search-as-a-service

Powered by the dtSearch Engine for Linux

Designed to securely store high volumes of PDF documents together with meta data for advanced search filtering

The Search Cloud One WordPress Plugin provides advanced professional search of documents uploaded to our secure cloud location
Update: The site is currently being upgraded to be compatible with Site Search One.

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A demonstration of search pages produced entirely using our Search Cloud One WordPress Plugin

Search Cloud One features include:

  • Boolean search
  • Faceted search
  • Relevancy ranked results
  • WordNet Synonyms
  • Stemming
  • PDF Multi-colored Hit-Highlighting
  • Multiple Indexes
  • Filtering search by date-range
  • Synopsis with highlighted hits