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Universal Search System

The Universal Search System is a multi-user, multi-platform, multi-lingual  search system, with a User Interface that can be localized; it includes desktop search clients for Windows and Mac users, and allows software developers/systems integrators to access the dtSearch Engine via the Universal Search REST API to create custom search based applications.

The system includes a server based PDF hit-highlighter and an Endpoint Manager to create multiple endpoints; this allows Universal Search Clients or custom applications to have search access to different document collections, each can be associated with multiple stemming language files and multiple user thesaurus files, the ability of the Universal Search Clients to run on Windows or macOS and have the UI localized, makes the system a good choice for organizations with a distributed workforce, be that in local offices in different countries or where employees are working remotely from home, hotels, etc.

Endpoint Manager

The Endpoint Manager is designed to be securely accessed by Universal Search Clients or via the RESTful API from software developers own search applications.

Universal Search Clients and/or your custom application send search requests and get returned results in JSON format over HTTPS on your network to the Endpoint Manager.

Create Multiple Endpoints

Each endpoint can be associated with different indexes or index libraries, different stemming files and different user thesaurus files. Users on the network can be allocated to one or more endpoints according to their Active Directory permissions.












Endpoint Manager uses dtSearch indexes saved on the same machine, created by dtSearch Desktop, and optionally the Database Indexer add-on or the 365 Indexer add-on using the ‘cache documents in the index’ option.


PDF Hit Highlighter

The Universal Search System includes a PDF Hit Highlighter that is installed on your server, and the Universal Search Client includes its own PDF viewer; there is no need to install Acrobat Reader or the dtSearch Hit Highlighter plug-in on your client machines, or have to purchase an expensive third-party server based hit-highlighter.

Faceted Search

Faceted search is an option for classifying data at the user interface level. Using faceted search, the end-user can “drill down” through various topics to hone in on the correct topical subset. Both the Universal REST Search API and Universal Search Clients feature faceted search. Currently the Database Indexer 1.1 or later add-on is required to create suitable indexes.

Multiple stemming languages

The Universal Search System includes all stemming languages in the LEP500 Language Extension pack

Multiple user thesaurus files

The Universal Search System includes all sample thesaurus and macro files in User Thesaurus Plus


Evaluation mode

For evaluation purposes the Universal Search Client can be installed on the same Windows server or Windows 10 PC as the Endpoint Manager and PDF Hit Highlighter with communication via HTTP to avoid the need to install an SSL certificate on the machine.

Security note: This product (unlike for example Apache SOLR REST server) does NOT require install of Java on your server. see:


Pricing: Includes support to a single point of contact.

  • Contact us with your requirements, systems can be customized to suit your exact needs

Proof of Concept (product name, features, prices are all provisional and are subject to change)

Contact us if you want to take part in beta testing or want to be kept updated on this product.

User Guide

User Guide for 1.0.8179 (beta)
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