Release Notes – Site Search ONE

Release Notes for Site Search ONE WordPress Plugin (beta)

1.9.0+2834 (18 May 2022)
Added: Dashboard now has a Global Settings page, for Link format, Widget CSS, Search page CSS, Document CSS.
Fixed: ‘rest_cookie_invalid_nonce’ error message prevalent on sites that use caching plugins. No longer uses WordPress nonce tokens.

1.8.0+2808 (5 Apr 2022)
Enhancement: data traffic reduction – decrease queue check frequency. When page is browser active tab and no queued items check in 30s else every 10s.
Enhancement: data traffic reduction – Cron task has 5 min delay.
Enhancement: optimizations in initial scan search to reduce CPU usage.
Fix: Hit-viewer does not display in WordPress Twenty-Twenty theme
Fix: to prevent search pages going into a refresh loop under certain conditions.
Fix: search analytics logic to avoid duplicate results, one with 0 results. (Premium 1.0.0+1056)
Fix: plugin continues to update WP Search Insights/Search Analytics tables even when the plugins have been deactivated or uninstalled.
Enhancement: Options > WooCommerce fields such as SKU, ProductColor can be displayed in HitViewer by selection from list.
Added: Options > Link format can include WooCommerce fields such as SKU, ProductColor, ProductSize, etc.
Added: Options > Link format > %%image tag now requires Site Search ONE Premium plug-in (1.0.0+1065)
Added: Options > Link format > Featured Image/WooCommerce Product Image display. Requires Site Search ONE Premium plug-in (1.0.0+1055)
Added: Options > Search Bar > options for Stemming and Synonyms defaults and if they appear under the search bar and search widgets.
Added: Integration with WP Site Insights and MWT:Search Analytics plugins. Requires Site Search ONE Premium plug-in (1.0.0+1049)

1.7.0+2664 (2 Mar 2022)
Added: All Search Pages|Pause/Resume button to prevent edits or imports from triggering an index update.
Added: Options > Link format| Featured Image can be displayed using %%img:_featured_img%% with an optional class name  argument e.g. %%img:_featured_img:thumbnail%%
Added: Options > Link format and Custom CSS now allows Excerpt field to be displayed instead of snippet with hit highlighting in words of context, conditional if search query is empty or not.
Added: WordPress Dashboard now displays a Pause/Resume sync button to halt synchronising
Enhancement: Cache select field values/xfirstword response moved from before carrying out queued tasks to after.
Fix: On first install a table failed to be created.
Fix: Cookie check fail (403) on search page if left open.

1.6.0+2618 (3 Feb 2022)
Enhancement: Search Widget allows width of index drop-down to be adjusted.
Fix: ‘This page is not configured correctly’ error message with multiple sites (e.g. multiple local, staging, live) or incompatible JQuery version.
Fix:  Search Page may fail to load if search results not yet cached in some circumstances.
Fix: WP Dashboard|Site Search ONE|All Search Pages – column width incorrect in some installations.
Enhancement: Facet count value div has its own class, to allow it to be hidden by CSS. (e.g. to show more text in mobile view where space is limited)
Enhancement: Filters on Searchbar and Search Widget no longer show word ‘contains’ for ACF Select drop-down fields.
Enhancement: ACF True/False fields with Custom UI Text show as facet check-boxes instead of filters, a blank entry will not display a checkbox.
Added: Initial Search cache
Added: Search Results now shows total item count in parenthesis.
Added: Options > Link format: set amount of context to display in search results.
Added: Options > Facet selection.
Enhancement: Filters now support ACF true/false Custom UI text
Enhancement: Local caches of filters and filter select values improved
Added: Results Link format option now controls everything below a search result link, allows multiple lines of text and supports HTML, making it possible to create highly customized search result appearance, display pictures, etc. Clicking the words of context will now also open the search results page
Enhancement: Result Links, Published date can be formatted by passing the format in parenthesis.
Enhancement: fragmentation/obsolete counts excluded from API call during filter updates (faster updates)
Fix: Rebuild with large numbers of filters sometimes caused timeout.
Fix:  field name >64 characters causes sync queue to get stuck.

1.5.0+2380 (3 Dec 2021)
Enhancement: Result sorting (for Options:’Initial search’ and Sort control on search page) was by Date Modified, is now by Published date; allows sort order to be easily set from WordPress Dashboard.
Added: Support for WP Dark Mode plugin (provisional, other dark mode switching plugins may be supported)
Added: Options: Link format section for each search page to allow use of fields with before and after text, as well as title.
Fix: Dark Mode on first load with some browsers
Fix: Enumerable fields with hyphens now display correctly in Filters
Fix: tokens per site issue
Fix: Search Widget calendar outside display area
Fix: Search Widget(premium)  showing gap under widget in dark mode

1.4.0+2325 (18 Nov 2021)
Added: Options: Custom CSS section for each search page to affect appearance of search results page and appearance of document in hit-viewer.
Added: Search Widget (premium) Custom CSS section to affect appearance of search widget.
Added: Options: choose field data to be displayed at bottom of hit-viewer.
Fix: Invalid cookie message on search page if left open >12 hr. (page refreshes automatically).
Fix: Search Widget (premium) gap under widget when search type and stemming & synonyms options are hidden

1.3.0+2254  (9 Nov 2021)
Added: Supports enumerable fields with spaces (in drop-down filters list)
Added: Admin|All Indexes displays ‘indexes from other sites’ (e.g. staging and local sites), allows deletion of unwanted indexes.
Added: New debug option to disable long running threads to work around a limitation of some WordPress installations.
Fix: On themes where the content area  is 100% width, the search page will centre itself correctly.
Fix: On some installations, the Hit Viewer Overlay could be partially or fully obscured by a HTML element that has a high z-index.
Fix: Premium – uploaded User Synonyms file was lost on a Rebuild.
Fix: Navigation buttons issue

1.2.0+2119  19 Oct 2021
Added: Option to hide field data from bottom of hit-viewer
Added: Hit Viewer displays as an overlay (When ‘Open in new Window’ not checked)
Enhancement: Field names containing underscores are no longer indexed
Enhancement: Improvements to bulk uploader stability/reliability
Fix: illegal characters in document field data may cause uploads to fail
Fix: Index name may appear in database as to-do

1.1.0+1995 24 Sep 2021
Added: Options: User(front end) selection of Search type All Words, Any Words, Boolean (Premium add on)
Added: Search bar Widget – user selection of Search type All Words, Any Words, Boolean – option (premium add on)
Fix: Pagination by page link broken
Fix: API Key may be forgotten by plugin on some installations when transients are lost

1.0.0 (1832) Release Candidate  16 Aug 2021
Added: Sorting by Newest/Oldest
Enhancement: Pagination First/Last  Prev/Next
Enhancement: Hit Viewer faster display
Added: Search Pages|Reset Plugin button functionality
Fixed: Database initialization error
Added: Options: Search type All Words, Any Words, Boolean selection per search page
Added: Options| User Thesaurus Plus option (premium add-on)
Added: Admin screen warns if connected to test server
Fixed: Facet missing more… links
Fixed: Facets mobile layout
Fixed: Search bar Widget mobile layout

0.4.0. (1546 )(1.0 RC1) 6th July 2021
Added: Search bar Widget –  Placeholder text support and border radius options (premium add on)
Added: Search bar Widget – Filters| support for ACF Plugin -Select field type (premium add on)
Added: Filters| support for ACF Plugin -Select field type
Fixed: Filters – bug handling field names with spaces
Fixed: “This Page is not Configured Correctly” error, token mechanism issue

0.4.0 (1484) 29 June 2021
Fixed: Options|Filters some items in list were duplicated
Fixed: Options|Filters ss1-noindex was showing in list
Added: Options| Hide search-bar, Hide stemming and synonyms check-boxes on search-page
Added: API now has flags for Natural Language search – All words, Any Words, etc. and other search options e.g. phonic (premium add on)
Added: API Ability to upload user defined synonym files from User Thesaurus Plus (premium add on), WordNet option if User defined synonyms are used.
Added: Search bar Widget with filter and index drop down list, optional synonym and stemming check-boxes below, Background & Text Color selection (premium add on)

0.3.0 (1279) 14 June 2021
Added: Translation template and compiled pseudo-language test files and; change the site language under Settings > General > Site Language to French and click Save Changes to see all English text replaced by pseudo-language (see User Guide for details)
Added: categorized search – ‘search all’ option

0.2.0 (1225) 3 June 2021
Fixed: Search Page|Edit Post – Category – All Posts – check boxes were incorrectly enabled
Enhanced: Search Page|Options Filter selection is faster
Enhancement: Activation is faster

0.2.0 (1193) 28 May 2021
Added: Facets based on Categories & Subcategories
Added: Pages By Category & Subcategory selection
Added: Supports bearer token authentication
(This version connect to the live mode REST API endpoint, previous version connected to a heavily logged test server which was much slower)

0.1.0 (1099) 28 April 2021
Fixed: Options > Filters only the first checkbox got restored
Fixed: Branding capitalize ONE throughout

0.1.0 (1089) 23 April 2021
Initial public beta