Release Notes – Site Search ONE – beta

Release Notes for Site Search ONE WordPress Plugin (beta)

1.1.0+2119 (beta) 19 Oct 2021
Added: Option to hide field data from bottom of hit-viewer
Added: Hit Viewer displays as an overlay (When ‘Open in new Window’ not checked)
Enhancement: Field names containing underscores are no longer indexed
Enhancement: Improvements to bulk uploader stability/reliability
Fix: illegal characters in document field data may cause uploads to fail
Fix: Index name may appear in database as to-do

1.1.0+1995 24 Sep 2021
Added: Options: User(front end) selection of Search type All Words, Any Words, Boolean (Premium add on)
Added: Search bar Widget – user selection of Search type All Words, Any Words, Boolean – option (premium add on)
Fix: Pagination by page link broken
Fix: API Key may be forgotten by plugin on some installations when transients are lost

1.0.0 (1832) Release CandidateĀ  16 Aug 2021
Added: Sorting by Newest/Oldest
Enhancement: Pagination First/LastĀ  Prev/Next
Enhancement: Hit Viewer faster display
Added: Search Pages|Reset Plugin button functionality
Fixed: Database initialization error
Added: Options: Search type All Words, Any Words, Boolean selection per search page
Added: Options| User Thesaurus Plus option (premium add-on)
Added: Admin screen warns if connected to test server
Fixed: Facet missing more… links
Fixed: Facets mobile layout
Fixed: Search bar Widget mobile layout

0.4.0. (1546 )(1.0 RC1) 6th July 2021
Added: Search bar Widget –Ā  Placeholder text support and border radius optionsĀ (premium add on)
Added: Search bar Widget – Filters| support for ACF Plugin -Select field type (premium add on)
Added: Filters| support for ACF Plugin -Select field type
Fixed: Filters – bug handling field names with spaces
Fixed: “This Page is not Configured Correctly” error, token mechanism issue

0.4.0 (1484) 29 June 2021
Fixed: Options|Filters some items in list were duplicated
Fixed: Options|FiltersĀ ss1-noindex was showing in list
Added: Options| Hide search-bar, Hide stemming and synonyms check-boxes on search-page
Added: API now has flags for Natural Language search – All words, Any Words, etc. and other search options e.g. phonic (premium add on)
Added: API Ability to upload user defined synonym files from User Thesaurus Plus (premium add on), WordNet option if User defined synonyms are used.
Added: Search bar Widget with filter and index drop down list, optional synonym and stemming check-boxes below, Background & Text Color selection (premium add on)

0.3.0 (1279) 14 June 2021
Added: Translation template and compiled pseudo-language test files and; change the site language under Settings > General > Site Language to French and click Save Changes to see all English text replaced by pseudo-language (see User Guide for details)
Added: categorized search – ‘search all’ option

0.2.0 (1225) 3 June 2021
Fixed: Search Page|Edit Post – Category – All Posts – check boxes were incorrectly enabled
Enhanced: Search Page|Options Filter selection is faster
Enhancement: Activation is faster

0.2.0 (1193) 28 May 2021
Added: Facets based on Categories & Subcategories
Added: Pages By Category & Subcategory selection
Added: Supports bearer token authentication
(This version connect to the live mode REST API endpoint, previous version connected to a heavily logged test server which was much slower)

0.1.0 (1099) 28 April 2021
Fixed: Options > Filters only the first checkbox got restored
Fixed: Branding capitalize ONE throughout

0.1.0 (1089) 23 April 2021
Initial public beta