Release Notes Database Indexer

1.4.8133 (Released 8 April 2022)

  • Added: Colon (:) added to index name prefix for compatibility with dtSearch Desktop 2021.02 Index Groups, old indexes will automatically get renamed.
  • TreeView Shortcut uses Windows Menu key
  • Fix: Updated license details
  • Added: Shortcut key for “Open Index in dtSearch Desktop” (Alt+O)
  • Added:  [DBi] index prefix for compatibility with dtSearch Desktop 2021.01 Index Groups

1.3.7787 (Released 27 April 2021)

  • Added: alphabetical sorting of lists of tables & columns
  • Added: MSSQL support for composite primary key (where the value is from two or more columns in that table)

1.2.7644 (Released 5 Dec 2020)

  • Fixed installer version
  • UI fix

1.2.7633 (Released 24 Nov 2020)

  • Added: SSL support
  • ‘Last indexed’ now in 24 hour format
  • Schedule: now includes time and ‘from’ date
  • Added: Open index in dtSearch Desktop button
  • Added: Automatic index recognition in dtSearch Desktop
  • UI & localization fixes to be consistent with 365 Indexer
  • Fixed: Installer versioning
  • Added: -t command line for translation viewer
  • updated to latest mySQL dll
  • updated initial browse directory for alphabet & noise word files:
    • If a directory is already in the textbox and exists, starts in that directory
    • If the MySQL Directory exists in ProgramData, starts in that directory
    • Otherwise, falls back to My Documents
  • Fixed: .Net dll fix to be compatible with dtSearch 7.97
  • Added: Treeview context menu shows Rename for data-sources

1.1.7449 (Released 1 June 2020)

  • .lang file supplied is now pseudo-localized +30% length
  • Added configure enumerable fields.
  • Added set Display Name for database columns; dtSearch Desktop/Network will use the display name instead of the column name for fields.
  • Added data type of columns is detected and saved in index; Universal Search API uses this to determine when to show Date Picker in Universal Search Clients.
  • Added select column to be ‘key’ to a value in another table; e.g. when indexing if a table contains column ProductBrandID but not the brand name itself, user can select ProductBrandID as the key for the value to be found in the Brands table.
  • Fixed  MSSQL labels don’t render in setup dialog.
  • Fixed  path to existing index doesn’t populate in existing datasource when editing.
  • Fixed  new datasource:  if no table is initially selected, prompts to select table from disabled combobox; custom queries don’t require table selection.

1.0.7268 (Released 25 Nov 2019)

  • Fixed localization issue
  • Fixed Indexing Options UI
  • Updated User Guide
  • This version has to be installed on the same drive as a copy of dtSearch Desktop/Network 7.94 or later.
  • Added Indexing Options dialog, Index Options per index.
  • Added external localization file.