Release Notes 365 Indexer

1.2.8133 ( 8 Apr 2022)

  • Enhancement: Index name prefix has added colon to be compatible with Desktop 2021.02 Index Groups, old indexes will automatically be renamed.
  • Fix: Error message related to using an account with insufficient privileges to view personal SharePoint sites, behavior of  ‘Ignore’ button changed to ignore subsequent errors of the same type.
  • Fix: if application fails to load personal sites, team sites cannot be indexed.
  • Enhancement: Improved error log if *.oAccount configuration file is empty
  • Added: now uses WebView2 runtime instead of IE to display account login window.

1.1.7616 (7 Nov 2020)

  • Added: Schedule information shows ‘Last indexed’
  • Added: Schedule shows time and ‘from’ date
  • Added: Automatic index recognition in dtSearch Desktop
  • Added: Treeview context menu shows Rename
  • Added: Tooltips show file paths in tree-view on main window
  • Added: Tooltips show URL in Edit SharePoint dialog
  • Fix: personal indexes listed in site index list
  • Fix: schedule dialog day/month initially blank
  • Fix: meta data overlap issues
  • Other bug fixes and minor UI improvements

1.0.7573 (25 Sep 2020) Release

  • -t command line for translation viewer
  • i18N folder ships with template, pseudolocale for QA testing and sample Russian files
  • UI updates & localization fixes
  • Installer versioning fix
  • scheduler elevated permission fix
  • .lang file supplied is pseudolocalized +30% length
  • This version requires dtSearch Desktop/Network 7.94 or later to be installed on the same drive


In Evaluation Mode 365 Indexer is limited as follows:

In an Index Task, 365 Indexer will index a maximum of 3 pages per notebook section. If there are more pages in a section, they will be skipped.

In an Index Task, 365 Indexer will index a maximum of 6 items per list, skipping all further items in the list.