dtSearch Web

With a few mouse clicks, dtSearch Web Form Builder lets you automatically generates a search form to search multiple document collections on your internet or intranet site.

Easily customise the contents of search results, the document display, and the search form itself, or use an HTML editor such as Dreamweaver to edit the search form.

The form builder will automatically install the search form on your Internet or Intranet Web site, so visitors can instantly carry out a search.

After a search, dtSearch Web will display retrieved files with hit highlighting, and all links and images intact. The result looks just like the original HTML or PDF page, but with highlighted hits. HTML links remain fully functional in the document. “next hit”, “previous document”, “next document” buttons let you quickly navigate through your hits and documents.

For XML, you can perform indexed searches using the full range of dtSearch features across an entire XML database, or limited to a highly specific combination of fields or sub-fields.

For other file types, dtSearch uses built-in file converters to convert non-Web-ready formats such as word processor, database, spreadsheet, ZIP, etc., to HTML for display with highlighted hits.

Support & Updates
Technical support and product updates are free for one year with all purchases of dtSearch Web. Order D76UG for additional years of updates and support at any time.

Platform Requirements
Microsoft Windows only. Requires Microsoft IIS. You will need a dedicated Windows server to install dtSearch Web.

See this article for full details concerning deployment:  FAQ – dts0139

If you don’t have a dedicated server or have a Linux server, consider using a secure cloud hosting service for your document collection that offers the dtSearch Engine as Search-as-a-Service API or a WordPress Plug-in from our sister site  Search Cloud One.com







D76 – dtSearch Web with Spider
single-server $999 international currency selector

The single-server license covers technical support for the dtSearch Web IIS application only. Need to use the programmer API ? Upgrade to a three-server license here: dtSearch Engine (includes the dtSearch Web IIS application)

D76UG – dtSearch Web extra year of support and updates
Single-server $350 international currency chooser