dtSearch Publish

dtSearch Publish

dtSearch Publish is an easy “point and click” solution for publishing a searchable collection of documents on CD, DVD, USB or other portable media. dtSearch Publish can also mirror an existing Web site on CD/DVD.

Download 30-Day Trial
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Web/Publish User Manual (PDF)

End User License (EULA)

D80 – dtSearch Publish 250 CD/DVD license (purchase more licenses as needed,  contact us for very large quantities)

D80 + D76  – dtSearch Publish + dtSearch Web, The “Web Combo Pack” offers both dtSearch Publish and dtSearch Web, allowing for quick publication of the same document collection on the Internet/Intranet and on CD/DVD/USB.

D80SB – Annual ‘Service Bureau’ license available for CD/DVD/USB Publishing of eDiscovery related or forensically recovered data, transaction bibles, etc.

With the “Web Combo Pack,” dtSearch Publish allows for publishing simultaneously a wide range of documents with advanced searching on CD/DVD and the Internet/Intranet.

How dtSearch Publish Works
Just point-and-click using a wizard to set up a browser-based user interface for publishing on the CD/DVD. Creation of the CD/DVD master including the user interface, the document collection, and associated search indexes is “point and click” easy, requiring absolutely no programming. Documents can be in multiple formats: HTML, PDF, XML, word processor, database, spreadsheet, ZIP, Unicode, etc.

What dtSearch Publish Looks Like to the CD/DVD User
The end-user simply inserts the CD/DVD into a drive to access the document set. The only software that the end-user needs to access the CD/DVD is a Web browser. Absolutely nothing is installed on the user’s hard drive!

  • PDF and HTML support includes highlighted hits as well as display of embedded images and links.
  • XML support includes hit-highlighted indexed searching using the full range of dtSearch features across an entire XML database, or limited to a highly specific combination of fields or sub-fields.
  • Support for other database, word processor, spreadsheet, and ZIP file formats includes “on-the-fly” conversion to HTML, with highlighted hits.



D80 dtSearch Publish 250

D80SB – dtSearch Publish SB

D80 + D76 Special Web Combo