dtSearch Engines for LINUX & macOS


dtSearch Engine for LINUX
dtSearch Engine for macOS

Royalty-free and royalty based licensing to suit applications from a single-server to high volume distribution in your own products. 

Proven Technology

  • dtSearch Corp has been producing search and retrieval software since 1991.
  • Hundreds of commercial applications incorporate the dtSearch Engine. (See Case Studies page)
  • dtSearch Desktop, dtSearch Network, dtSearch Publish, and dtSearch Web all use the same dtSearch Engine technology that is licensed to developers.

Maximum Programmer Flexibility

  • Developer library for C++, Java and/or .NET Standard/.NET Core API; this component has no GUI.
  • Advanced multi-threaded operation (See Intel Partner Success Story)
  • Extensive sample source code:  function-call interface for C++ and Visual C++, JNI for Java.
  • Sample code.

Unparalleled Intelligent Searching

Provides API access to over twenty five precision search options:

  • Search options include synonym/concept/thesaurus, fuzziness adjustable from 0 to 10, Boolean, phrase, wildcard, proximity, stemming, numeric range, regular expressions, natural language relevancy-ranked by hit density and rarity, and variable term weighting.
  • Search options can be used alone or in almost any combination (regardless of complexity).
  • Uses proprietary indexing and searching algorithms engineered for scalability.
  • Indexed search time is generally less than a second.
  • Indexing is optimised to maintain consistent speed over even the largest document collections. Over 1Tbyte of data per index.
  • Includes unindexed search options for filtering purposes.

Instant Support for Multiple File Types

  • Built-in support for PDF, HTML, XML, word processor, database, spreadsheet, e-mail, ZIP, and more.
  • Unicode to support all written languages.
  • Highlights hits and provides multiple hit and document navigation options in all supported file types.
  • For HTML and PDF files, hits are highlighted on the original document, all embedded links, images, and formatting appear exactly as in the original document.
  • For other file types, built-in HTML converters generate HTML for hit highlighted display in a Web browser.

Extensive Field and Database Support

  • Automatically supports fields, document properties, and summary information (along with full-text searching) in HTML, PDF, MS Word, Access, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.
  • Complete hierarchical field structures in XML for searching limited to specific combinations of fields and sub-fields (as well as full-text).
  • Sample ADO database indexing code provides indexing and searching of SQL and other data sources.
  • Hit highlighting, as well as multiple hit and file navigation options, in all of the above.