dtSearch Desktop/Network

dtSearch Desktop is a powerful and robust information retrieval tool, having been in continous development since 1991. It enables you to search through terabytes of text in under a second because it builds an index that stores the location of the words in your files.

dtSearch Desktop automatically recognises and supports all popular file formats and never alters or moves your original files. You can choose to index drives (including removable media), folders, files, Outlook folders or use the built-in Spider to index Web sites.

Uniquely dtSearch Desktop can perform un-indexed as well as "combination" searches to search files that have not been indexed.

dtSearch Desktop has dozens of advanced indexing options to give you complete control over the content of each index. It will automatically collect Meta data from HTML, Word and PDF documents as well as from media files such as MP3, ASF and WMV to allow field searching. Indexes can be automatically updated by using the Windows Task Scheduler to reflect additions, deletions and modifications to your document collection. Each index holds over 1TB of data, create multiple indexes for focused search results.


dtSearch has over 25 indexed and unindexed text search options. The wordwheel shows all the words in your documents, simply douuble-click on a word to enter it into the search query textbox.

Search 2

dtSearch Desktop/Network can search all MS Office formats and the latest PDF 2.0 format, as well as many legacy file formats. See here for the full list. Need to search SQL/mySQL databases? See Database Indexer. Contact us if you have other search needs.