dtSearch Desktop

dtSearch Desktop is a powerful and robust information retrieval tool, it enables you to search through terabytes of text in under a second because it builds an index that stores the location of the words in your files.

Unlike most other search tools, searching is not ‘blind’ – the word-wheel¬†shows all the words in your documents, simply double-click on a word to enter it into the search query textbox.

dtSearch Desktop can search all Microsoft Office formats and the latest PDF 2.0 format, as well as many legacy file formats, and never alters or moves your original files. See here for the full list Article: DTS0103

Index drives (including removable media), folders, files, Outlook folders or use the built-in Spider to index Web sites

Advanced indexing options to give you complete control over the content of each index (emails; credit-cards; date-range, XML fields)

It will automatically collect metadata from HTML, Word and PDF documents as well as from media files such as MP3, ASF and WMV to allow field searching.

Indexes can be automatically updated by using the Windows Task Scheduler to reflect additions, deletions and modifications to your document collection.

Each index holds over 1TB of data, create multiple indexes for focused search results.

Index attachments to multiple levels


dtSearch has over 25 indexed and un-indexed text search options, uniquely dtSearch Desktop can perform un-indexed as well as “combination” searches to search files that have not been indexed.
Boolean; Natural language; Phrase; Directed Proximity (Pre/n) ; Proximity (w/n); Phonic; Fuzzy ; Wildcards in any position (* ? =); stemming; user defined thesaurus; WordNet thesaurus; Regular expressions

e-Forensics\investigative features such as search using a wordlist (including with Boolean operators)

Add-on products from dtSearch UK can extend the capabilities even further:

  • Database Indexer¬†add-on provides indexing of¬†SQL/mySQL databases, local or in the cloud (Azure/AWS).
  • User Thesaurus Plus provides the ability to choose from multiple User synonym files, for specific purposes. See the free¬†T207 training¬†article for examples of searching using three (genealogy, cross-lingual, political) of over 30 sample synonym and macro files that are included.
  • Stemming Language Selector¬†provides stemming in dozens of languages other than English and is essential to obtain the high recall demanded by professionals in the legal, law enforcement and intelligence sectors for searching non-English data.
  • 365 Indexer add-on provides indexing of Microsoft 365 – SharePoint Online and OneNote online.

NOTE: dtSearch Desktop and dtSearch Network are identical software, only the licensing differs, both products can search over a network. dtSearch Network has a 5-user minimum license and all users share the same serial number. See the End User License Agreement (EULA) for details.

Alternative products¬†for ‘low cost per user’ search on large networks

  • dtSearch Web¬†–¬†provides a browser based simple search experience over any network using Microsoft IIS on the server. Ideal for museums, websites, local government, courts, etc. for public or staff search of reports, brochures, data sheets, etc.
  • Universal Search System¬† – provides desktop ‘search only’ clients with advanced search options (e.g. facets, word-wheel, multi-lingual stemming), server based PDF hit-highlighting, Active Directory controlled access to multiple-endpoints, etc. Contact us¬†if you want to take part in beta testing or want to be kept updated on this product.


All purchases include one year of technical support, before ordering please read the¬†End User License (EULA)

30-day trial

D66 dtSearch Desktop single-user. License covers use on two machines (e.g. a laptop and desktop PC) by the same individual.

Note: the setup program will ask for a serial number, check the box to install the “evaluation¬†version” and click the¬†Next¬†button.

D66 dtSearch Desktop with spider. License covers use on two machines (e.g. a laptop and desktop PC) by the same individual. $199 each

D66A dtSearch Desktop ‚Äúinvestigative‚ÄĚ license is an annual license for a single individual for forensics, etc. $999 each

D66N dtSearch Network is for multiple-users (5 min) and license includes an extra free copy for use on a server. Quantity discounts:
5-24  $160 each
25-99 $140 each
100-199 $120 each
200-499 $100 each
500-999 $80 each
1000-1999 $70 each


Additional years of support from dtSearch UK can be ordered below, you can also upgrade from older versions at these discount prices.¬† BONUS:¬† customers on extended support also receive discounts and other special offers from time to time –¬† see Terms & Conditons

D66UG Upgrade/extended support Desktop/Network
1-4  $75 each
5-24  $60 each
25-69 $50 each

D66NUG Upgrade/extended support dtSearch Network  (70+ user site) $3500