Database Indexer

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Database Indexer is an add-on product for indexing SQL type databases that can be searched with your existing dtSearch Desktop/Network installations.

The application works with local and cloud-based SQL-type databases, including: SQL, MySQL, SQL on Azure, and SQL on AWS.

Perform Fuzzy, Phonic, or Field Searches with Synopsis & Relevancy Ranking using dtSearch Desktop on your database index without constructing complex SQL Queries or impacting database performance with long running queries.

Incremental Updates in a scheduled task allow you to update the index at a time when the database experiences low traffic.

High Availability Search
Indexes created by Database Indexer are independent of the database and are unnaffected during database failures, database upgrades, etc.

The user interface is in English but users can edit an external file to translate all the visible text into any language supported by Unicode.

New in Version 1.1

  • Configure enumerable fields to enable facet searching with Universal Search Clients
  • Data type of columns is detected and saved in index; Universal Search API uses this to determine when to show Date Picker in Universal Search Clients.
  • Select column to be 'key' to a value in another table; e.g. when indexing if a table contains column ProductBrandID but not the brand name itself, user can select ProductBrandID as the key for the value to be found in the Brands table.
  • Set user-friendly Display Name for database columns; dtSearch Desktop/Network and Universal Search Clients will use the display name instead of the column name for fields.

  • Index all or selected fields, and/or extract documents (text, binary file or filepath)
  • Index from a table or Custom Query using SQL SELECT Statement
  • Indexes can be searched in dtSearch Desktop/Network or dtSearch Web/Engine.
  • Indexes can be rebuilt or you can set up incremental updating based on a last modified date field.
  • Index Options are saved per index.
  • Built in index scheduler
  • dtSearch Desktop will list all the columns in the database as searchable fields, so that searches can be limited to chosen fields, e.g. cheese and (Brand contains (Tesco ))
  • Each Index can contain up to 1Tb of data.
  • OS: Windows 10, Windows Server 2012 R2 or later
  • Databases currently supported
    • MS SQL - Windows Authentication or SQL Server Authentication.
    • MySQL - Connection methods:
        • Standard TCP/IP
        • Local Socket Pipe
        • Standard TCP/IP over SSH
        • (SSL Not currently supported)

30 Day Trial version

  • The trial version is limited to 10,000 records per datasource.
  • You need to install it on the same machine as a licensed version of dtSearch Desktop/Network.
  • The index(es) that you create can be searched by an unlimited number of users.
  • Please contact us if you want to access our demo Azure and AWS databases.

The license covers install on a single machine and includes one year of technical support & updates. Please contact us for subscription pricing for multiple installs if you have more than 70 dtSearch Desktop/Network licenses on your network or for database types not listed or if you have special requirements.