365 Indexer

365 Indexer is an add-on product for dtSearch Desktop/Network 7.96 or later that allows you to index SharePoint Online lists and documents, and OneNote accounts (individual or in SharePoint Groups or Sites) in Microsoft 365.

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(Now in beta)

Dynamic content such as SharePoint can be indexed using the Spider built into dtSearch Desktop/Network (In the Update Index dialog select Add Web). However, the automatic log-in mechanism can only handle single-page log-in forms and is not suitable for SharePoint Online. 365 Indexer solves this problem by connecting directly via the Microsoft Graph API.

Perform Fuzzy, Phonic, or Field Searches with Synopsis & Relevancy Ranking using dtSearch Desktop on your Microsoft 365 SharePoint and OneNote data.*

Search for items such as email addresses & credit-card numbers for GDPR and PCI compliance. 

  • Index all or selected OneNote notebooks from Sites, Groups or User accounts
  • Indexes can be searched in dtSearch Desktop/Network or dtSearch Web/Engine.
  • Index Options are saved per index.
  • Built in index scheduler
  • Each Index can contain up to 1Tb of data.
  • OS: Windows 10, Windows Server 2012 R2 or later 

The user interface is in English but users can edit an external file to translate all the visible text into any language supported by Unicode.

Contact us if you are interested in beta testing and are using dtSearch Desktop/Network and are within your initial one year support period or have purchased an upgrade and are within your current support period. 

* NOTE: If you have a Microsoft E5 license (or Office 365 E3 with the Advanced Compliance add-on) it includes the Advanced eDiscovery feature that uses dtSearch to extract text of non-Microsoft file formats. 365 Indexer uses dtSearch to index ALL files, enabling search results with hit-highlighting for Microsoft and non-Microsoft file formats and all of the advanced search options built into dtSearch Desktop/Network.