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dtSearch 7.90 released

2018-04-12 Comments Off on dtSearch 7.90 released By dts-admin1

dtSearch 7.90 (Build 8538) April 12, 2018

  • dtSearch Engine has a new .NET Standard API compatible with .NET Standard 2.0, .NET Core, and Xamarin. Support for Windows, UWP, Linux, macOS (Android and iOS (beta)); applications will need the .NET Standard API wrapper and the native library for each platform.
  • New ASP.NET Core web search sample application
  • New flag to remove extra space and quotation marks from email address fields and move embedded comments to the end of the name or email address
  • New flag to skip indexing content inside <nav>…</nav> tags
  • New flag to ignore <!–BeginNoIndex–> and <!–EndNoIndex–> tags in HTML

dtSearch Desktop

  • Scheduled tasks now generate a summary report listing all indexes updated and results for each. After a scheduled update, click “Last Update” button in “Schedule Updates” dialog to see summary report with links to detailed reports. Reports are stored in the LOGS subfolder of your dtSearch data folder

Fixes and other enhancements

  • Fixed: dtSearch Desktop Indexer reports index is in use when started from dtSearch Desktop Search
  • Fixed: C++ API crash executing dtsSearchReportJob if pReportCallBack is zero
  • File parser fixes affecting: .pdf, .wpd
  • Fixed dialog box error in “Schedule Updates” in dtSearch Desktop indexer (build 8538)

Upgrade Information
dtSearch Web, Publish or Engine upgrades are free for users of who have purchased their license or an upgrade to their license within the last year

dtSearch Desktop

dtSearch Engine for Linux and dtSearch Engine for macOS

dtSearch Engine for Windows 

If you are current on dtSearch UK support contact us for a download link for dtSearch Engine for Windows, macOS or Linux.

If your one year of included support has expired you can also buy additional years of support and updates from dtSearch UK on the above product pages.

If you are unsure of your license or support please contact us



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