Case Study – Texas Worker

Case Study – Texas Worker

2022-05-24 Comments Off on Case Study – Texas Worker By dts-admin1

A new case study has been posted at case-study – texas worker

The case study outlines how the Texas Worker website transitioned to the Site Search ONE after trying other WordPress plugins such as ElasticPress, SiteSearch360, and Search & Filter Pro without success.

The ability to instantly display the latest 500 results, combined with facets based on Custom Taxonomies makes it easy for newcomers to the site to get an instant overview of the latest personal injury court cases or decisions; users can then carry out advanced Boolean searches to quickly and precisely home in on just the right set of results or use an All word (Natural language) or Any word search for those not familiar with Boolean methods.

Similar to the expensive WestLaw and Lexis Nexis legal research tools, Site Search ONE can handle large volumes of data, currently over 34,000 posts are on the Texas Worker site.

30-day free trial can be downloaded here. Pricing fixed for 12 months for new subscribers.

Extended assistance and site customizing available at moderate costs.

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