Site Search ONE 1.4 WordPress Plugin

Site Search ONE 1.4 WordPress Plugin

2021-11-20 Comments Off on Site Search ONE 1.4 WordPress Plugin By dts-admin1

Site Search ONE WordPress Plugin version 1.4 now available! 30-day trial includes trial of all premium features.

Now supports Custom CSS section for each search page to affect appearance of search results page and appearance of document in hit-viewer.
For Search Widget (premium) adds Custom CSS section to affect appearance of search widget.
Adds Option to choose field data to be displayed at bottom of hit-viewer.

Also fixes invalid cookie message on search page if left open >12 hr. (page refreshes automatically) and for Search Widget (premium) fixes gap under widget when search type and stemming & synonyms options are hidden.

Contact us for a free 30-day evaluation version to try on your website – just $49/month for standard version with support for multiple indexes on a single domain (license includes use on staging sites, local testing sites, and blog-vault backup/staging sites), includes trial of premium features.

Premium add-on just $10/month adds responsive search-widget, adds selection of search type (all words, any words, Boolean) , adds User Defined Synonyms in addition to WordNet synonyms (includes synonym phrases, e.g. a search for ‘mfp’ will find multi-functional printer, or all-in-one-printer) – includes subscription to User Defined Thesaurus! You can create separate synonym XML files for each search page!


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