Site Search ONE 1.2 released

Site Search ONE 1.2 released

2021-10-23 Comments Off on Site Search ONE 1.2 released By dts-admin1

Site Search ONE 1.2 now in beta

Site Search ONE WordPress Plugin version  1.2 now available!  30-day trial, including all premium features!

Now includes an overlay HitViewer, with option to hide field data at end of document! Many other minor improvements and fixes.

All Words, Any Words, Boolean Search Page options, User Defined Synonyms, Responsive Search Widget.

Other features include Federated Search, Faceted Search, Stemming, WordNet Synonyms, Hit-Highlighted Snippets, bidirectional Date and Alphabetical Results Sorting!

Filtering by fields including Advanced Custom Fields (ACF).

Uses Tags, Categories or PODS Framework Custom Taxonomies for Faceted Navigation.


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