Database Indexer 1.3 released!

Database Indexer 1.3 released!

2021-04-28 Comments Off on Database Indexer 1.3 released! By dts-admin1

We are pleased to announce Database Indexer 1.3 release!

This new version adds alphabetic sorting to all lists of data sources, tables and columns and ensures that incremental updates of MSSQL databases can support tables that use composite fields (i.e. where the value of the primary key is from more than one column)

Database Indexer lets you index SQL type databases, so they can be searched with dtSearch Desktop; it works with local and cloud-based SQL-type databases, including SQL, MySQL, SQL on Azure, and SQL on AWS.

Indexes created by Database Indexer are automatically recognized by dtSearch Desktop, an “Open in dtSearch Desktop” button lets you immediately search the new index.

Indexes are independent of the database and are unaffected during database failures or database upgrades; a built-in scheduler lets you make incremental index updates out of working hours –  ensuring indexing occurs when the database experiences low traffic.

Details and a link for immediate download of a 30-day trial are here

Licensing Update:

From this version the DBi-25 license also covers use of the indexes by a dtSearch Web with a single server license. For an install of dtSearch Web or dtSearch Engine covered by a three-server license, purchase the DBi-50 license.

License covers installation up to the number of licensed dtSearch Desktop/Network users or dtSearch Web/Engine as above:

  • DBi-25 $199/year for 1 to 25 user license
  • DBi-50 $375/year for 26-50 user license
  • DBi-S    $525/year for 50+ user license
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