dtSearch Desktop/Network
Indexing and Search Techniques

dtSearch Desktop/Network is a powerful search tool used by professionals for a wide variety of tasks, these short training courses aim to show you how to use dtSearch Desktop/Network to carry out some tasks which often prove tricky even for experienced search professionals.


Pdficon T201 - Searching for Money

This short course shows you how to use the User Thesaurus Plus add-on product to improve precision and recall when searching for sums of money in specific currencies.

Pdficon T205 - Searching for Translators

This short course shows you how to index and search Microsoft TBX and CSV glossaries. Although aimed at translators, the techniques will be found useful by other professionals that need to index very large text files.

Pdficon T206 - Searching for Numeric Patterns

This short course shows how to search for numeric patterns such as IPv4 or IPv6 addresses using wildcards or regular expressions in a one time search or to find all such patterns in a collection of files. Also how to use the User Thesaurus Plus 1.2 add-on product (Optional – Includes IPv4, IPv6 & Bitcoin macros)

Pdficon T207 - Identifying duplicates

This short course shows how to use the Search for List of Words function, use MD5 hashing to identify duplicate documents, and how to copy selected files to another location. Needs dtSearch Desktop version 7.88 or later.

Pdficon T209 - Searching for People

This article describes how to search for people by name by using proximity operators, soundex, user thesaurus and by using a “list of words”. These are common processes used in genealogy, investigative journalism, anti-money laundering and law enforcement.