Case Study – Texas Worker

Texas Worker contacted dtSearch UK looking for a WordPress Plugin that offered Boolean search like the ‘legal demo’ on our site. At the time our WordPress plugin only offered search of PDF files stored in the cloud. We had previously avoided the overcrowded WordPress site search market, but on reconsideration started a project in 2021 to target high volume sites looking for a ‘no-code’ professional grade search.

The Texas Worker site offers free advanced Texas Workers Compensation legal research, tools and resources. They had previously tried other WordPress site search plugins such as SiteSearch360, ElasticPress and Search & Filter Pro but needed a solution that could handle high volumes of text with multiple fields, multiple indexes and professional grade Boolean search at a moderate cost.

Site Search ONE WordPress Plugin

The Texas Worker site used the Advanced Custom fields (ACF) and Custom Post Type UI (CPT UI) plugins to generate Custom Post types, Custom Taxonomies, and Custom Fields, we designed our Site Search ONE WordPress plugin to use these to generate Facets and Filters.

The site offers users the choice of all the Site Search ONE search types (Any words, All words, Boolean) together with English stemming and WordNet synonyms. The multiple indexes are selected from the drop-down on the left of the searchbar (above) and posts can also be filtered by publication date.

“Site Search ONE is designed for informational sites, that need professional grade search with moderate search traffic. It automatically uses WordPress Categories, Tags or Custom Taxonomies to provide faceted search. A common problem is that new visitors to a site often have no idea what search terms to enter, because they are not familiar with its content. Our plugin has an option to make an ‘initial search’ for all posts sorted by published date, so that site visitors see the most recent posts, they can then quickly narrow down search results by clicking on appropriate facets (faceted navigation), and then enter search terms if they need to (faceted search)” said Ray Harris CEO of dtSearch UK.

“The plugin setup of search features, indexes, facets, filters and search bar basic appearance is all no-code ‘point and click’ – but styling of search bar and facets to match existing themes or layout of search results to conditionally display WordPress excerpts, fields, images and more requires some CSS and HTML knowledge, users can do this themselves or we can provide this service to customers if needed” said Thomas Harris CTO.

Customer feedback

“Your software and service have been been the answer to my search engine needs.”
– May 2022
“Thanks again. This really is the solution I have been looking for.” “The site is working great. The number of active users has doubled since we put on SiteSearchOne.”
– Feb 2022
“I have been advertising the new “awesome search engine,” and I think my users will be super excited with the improvements.”
– Jan 2022
“This is very exciting, and I love the way it is working so far. It is so much simpler to setup than anything else out there”
– Nov 2021

About Texas Worker is an easy to use resource for all things Texas workers’ compensation, It runs as a FREE service, containing over 34,000 posts covering Court Cases and Medical, SOAH and Appeals Panel decisions connected with injuries at work. In addition, it contains the Texas Workers Compensation Act & Rules, Appeals Panel Manual and other useful resources and tools.

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