Case Study – Novadys


NOVADYS specializes in enterprise content management. NOVADYS’ Documind covers the entire information chain from OCR to secure archiving.

Documind customers span both a wide range of enterprise departments (customer management, supply management, accounting, quality control, accounting, human resources, etc.), and a wide range of enterprise sectors (industry, services, government, transportation, legal, construction, health, insurance, etc.).



NOVADYS sought to upgrade the search engine in its Documind product line to a search engine providing more supported file types, more precision search options, enhanced international language support, and a native 64-bit version. To serve these requirements, NOVADYS chose the dtSearch Engine for Win & .NET, along with the Language Extension Pack from dtSearch UK.

The dtSearch Engine provided broader file format coverage, including newer formats. In addition to popular document types, the dtSearch Engine also extended support to indexing and searching of emails and attachments. For OCR’ed documents, the dtSearch Engine offered PDF “image with hidden text” display.

The dtSearch Engine also provided additional useful search options, such as fuzzy searching for sifting through OCR’ed text and other text with potential typographical errors like email content. After a search, the dtSearch Engine displayed retrieved files with highlighted hits. And the dtSearch Engine included a native 64-bit API and version.

Explains NOVADYS: “The embedded dtSearch Engine let Documind sift through the full-text of more document types and emails using full-text searching criteria. It is a fast and flexible search engine. And the dtSearch support team has provided fast and competent support.”

For enhanced international language support, NOVADYS uses dtSearch UK’s Language Extension Pack (LEP) add-on application to the dtSearch Engine. “The LEP lets us adjust the stemming and noise word list for French and other languages. The resulting solution also provided international thesaurus support, and generally better language management.”

For more information on Documind, please call NOVADYS INTERNATIONAL at +33 (05) 62 71 58 88, or visit them online at

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