Case Study – Messaging Architects

Messaging Architects

Messaging Architects is a leading developer of add-ons and enhancements for corporate messaging servers.  Messaging Architects manufactures the Netmail platform for enterprise email archiving.  For searching portions of the exported XML data within the Netmail platform, Messaging Architects sought a “robust search engine that supported XML searches based on standard criteria as well as advanced searches.”





Explains Nick Stefan, VP of R&D at Messaging Architects: “We tried several solutions prior to dtSearch. Unfortunately, these engines couldn’t provide the results we wanted with regards to XML searches. They treated XML as a flat file, not as a structured file. The key differentiator insofar as dtSearch is concerned is its ability to treat XML tags as fields and hence allow for searches on the tags.”

“The benefit for us was that integrating the engine allowed us to have structured searches, which dramatically improved the accuracy of the search results and allowed us to introduce flexible search conditions … The multi-language support was also a great benefit, given the international character of our client base.”

“Another very important factor in deciding to go with dtSearch is the fact that there are available APIs for any programming environment. Regardless of what application you want to develop, they have the necessary documentation. It’s a great advantage. To sum up, the dtSearch engine has added value to our solutions and its integration was accomplished with great ease.”

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