Case Study – M-Files


M-Files document management application simplifies the process of accessing documents across one or more offices. With M-Files documents are easily accessible for the entire organization. M-Files provides total control of an organization’s files, from office documents to complex CAD drawings.






The M-Files user interface is closely integrated into the Microsoft Windows operating system, making M-Files easy to learn and use. And M-Files provides not only for the availability of documents across an organization, but also for the security of documents.

For its latest release M-Files chose to embed the dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine. “We wanted to find a full-text search tool that could fulfill these requirements:  support for meta data indexing in file formats, extensible framework, Unicode support, and fast indexing and searching with multiple search options,” said Samppa Lahtinen, Quality Manager at M-Files.

“We evaluated literally dozens of different products. dtSearch fit our needs perfectly. For example, the list of supported file formats is quite large, including Microsoft Office documents.  dtSearch also has an adjustable noise word list and stemming rules. These things are very important in the document management field. Finally, the integration of dtSearch into M-Files was easy.”

M-Files also markets M-Color, a software tool that improves the quality and appearance of AutoCAD designs. In 1993, M-Files became a registered Autodesk developer, at which time it began developing M-Color.  Today, M-Color has a strong market position as the leading presentation solution for AutoCAD. Explains M-Color’s Web site: “You can use AutoCAD’s precision drafting capabilities to create and edit your CAD drawings, and take advantage of the advanced graphical effects and publishing possibilities of M-Color to produce a high-quality presentation.”

In addition to its application development and sales, M-Files also offers document management consulting, as well as customized software development services. For more information, please visit for the M-Files application, or for the M-Color application.

You can also email call +358 3 3138 7500, or fax +358 3 3138 7550.

From the US/Canada, you can call 1-800-224-4074 or 1-213-226-0629, or fax 1-213-226-0630.


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