Case Study – IDEA


IDEA has specialized in the development of software for the management of all types of information and knowledge since 1988. Focusing on information management for large organizations, IDEA develops comprehensive solutions, easily adaptable to individual business and client needs. IDEA serves over 1,500 customers, including high tech companies, large organizations, government ministries, information centers, museums, archives and libraries. Customers of IDEA include the Israel Museum Jerusalem and Yad Vashem.





For text retrieval inside its product line, IDEA has upgraded to use of the dtSearch Engine. “With over 1,500 installed sites, millions of records of various complex types of data, and thousands of users, IDEA decided to reconstruct its core infrastructure,” explains Boaz Hashavia, Vice President of Marketing & Business Development. “One of the main concerns was finding the technology that will provide a powerful data indexing and retrieval capability”.

“dtSearch provided instant and accurate results to an unlimited amount of requests,” added Mr. Hashavia. “dtSearch made online retrieval across terabytes of information virtually instantaneous. The resulting product makes the work of librarians, curators, archivists and other professional staff as well as library patrons, museum visitors and archive researchers much faster and easier.”

IDEA is dedicated to providing high performance information management and retrieval solutions. Vertical packages are available for libraries, archives, museums and information systems. For more information on IDEA’s products and services, please call IDEA at 972-4-9896199, email, or visit IDEA online at

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