Case Study – First Choice

First Choice Software

First Choice Software is a leading provider of IT solutions and support to the recruitment sector. Its flagship product, RDB ProNet, is designed to provide recruitment businesses with a stable and effective software solution for enhanced productivity.







When it came to First Choice Software’s development of RDB ProNet, “initial development was led by recruitment consultants and their demands were clear,” explains the company’s Web site. The result is a complete system designed to complement the skill and work practice of the consultant without attempting to replace the consultant. Additional software design specifications include: ease of use; logical layout, providing the right information in the right place at the right time; maximum stability and reliability; and a fast return on investment.

First Choice has committed to enhancing RDB ProNet on a continual basis in response to client and market feedback. As part of that continual effort, First Choice sought to provide RDB ProNet with full-service text retrieval. For that purpose, First Choice chose to embed the dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine.

“We evaluated several leading text search engines and found dtSearch to be the most suited to our needs. It is very well engineered, fast and has been easy to integrate with our application. During evaluation we also tested the levels of developer support and dtSearch also scored very highly in this area,” said Adam Toth, Technical Director, First Choice Software.


First Choice Software became part of the Access Group their website is here Access Group


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