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Breeze (IT) Limited is a custom database application development organization experienced in the analysis, design and development of complex business process applications. A major legal client of Breeze’s in the UK requested that Breeze develop a case document indexing and retrieval system for the client’s internal use.






For searching within the system, Breeze chose the dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine. Ian Joseph, Technical Director, Breeze, further described the project as follows:

As a bespoke application development organisation, we often encounter client issues regarding the ever increasing volume of data. Whilst maintaining and recording information is performed excellently within many of the professional organisations that we work with, search and retrieval is severely lacking, leaving a big hole in their knowledge management strategies.

One of our large legal customers, for whom we currently provide an intranet and web based applications, approached us for advice on searching their case management system. Currently running at 300Gb and 4 million documents, the problem was obvious. They required a custom web based application that would easily integrate into their existing intranet. We had to source an enterprise level indexing and search .NET component. After disregarding many other solutions, we found the dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine had the power and flexibility to do what we wanted. The performance was blisteringly fast, and the client was extremely happy with the end result.

Breeze specializes in implementing Microsoft SQL Server and .NET solutions. For more information on Breeze’s solutions and services, please contact Breeze at +44 115 9877690, or visit Breeze online at

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