Case Study – Boldon James

Boldon James

A Microsoft Global Go-To-Market Partner, Boldon James helps organizations with the most demanding communication requirements manage sensitive information securely and in compliance with legislation and standards.

Boldon James Email Classifier & Office Classifier captures the user’s understanding of the value and business context of the information they handle, raising security awareness, providing handling guidance and applying control over information exchange.  The product provides users with a convenient means to apply relevant visual and metadata labels to messages, documents and files according to company policies and in a manner that maximizes user acceptance.

“dtSearch provides Boldon James Email Classifier & Office Classifier with advanced and predictable content searching to aid users in the task of information classification.  It is important to ensure that the label assigned by a user is consistent with the content of an email or a document. The content checking feature of Classifier relies on dtSearch to detect content that is deemed inappropriate for a chosen label, allowing Classifier to advise the user on suitable remediation steps.”

In June 2020, HelpSystems LLC acquired Boldon James from parent QinetiQ.

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