Release Notes – 365 Indexer

2.3.8756 (2023-12-22) Beta

  • Added: Use Swap Over Index option in Index Location dialog.
  • Enhancement: Indexer exclude filter for *.ix files
  • Enhancement: Run Indexer button no longer disabled when scheduled, it is now disabled when the scheduled index is running or another process is indexing.
  • Enhancement: Swap Over Index is automatically deleted when cancelling a running index task.

2.3.8753 (2023-12-19 DEBUG) Beta

  • Added: Use Swap Over Index option in Index Location dialog.
  • Enhancement: Indexer exclude filter for *.ix files

2.2.8731 (2023-11-27) Beta

  • Fixed: List view threshold error when the number of files in a selected folder exceeds the maximum list view threshold.
  • Enhancement: Stability improvements during indexing to avoid ‘property not initialized’ errors.
  • Enhancement: Improved error logging whilst indexing.

2.2.8691 (2023-10-18) Beta

  • Enhancement: Index tasks now have a 64Mb commit interval.
  • Enhancement: Indexing will fall back to a slower crawl method for SharePoint Lists if an error occurs.
  • Enhancement: SharePoint indexing progress now displays true number of items in large Lists.
  • Enhancement: SharePoint indexing progress now displays current full path.
  • Fix: SharePoint indexing > Site to Index tree view, long hang could occur if expanding a List with a large number of child items.

2.2.8679 (2023-10-06) Beta

  • Fix: Temp files under AppData folder not being cleared while indexing (only on completion).

2.2.8658 (2023-09-15) Beta

  • Enhancement: Progress displayed while indexing individual folders
  • Enhancement: Improved indexing performance for selected folders and individually selected list items.
  • Enhancement: Requests to SharePoint API handle API rate limiting.
  • Change: No longer using OrderBy clause in SharePoint API when requesting list items.
  • Change: Reduced page size to 500 items when indexing lists.

2.1.8614 (2023-08-02)

  • Added: Support for indexing individual list items within a SharePoint Folder
  • Enhancement: Improved responsiveness when browsing for folders and lists to index within a SharePoint site.
  • Enhancement: Spinner display while loading in tree-view
  • Enhancement: Supports moving index across volumes.

2.1.8606 (2023-07-25)

  • Added: Supports indexing individual folders and sub-folders within SharePoint Lists.
  • Fix: Files indexed inside Document Libraries indexed with wrong URL.

2.0.8522 (2023-05-02)

  • Added: Pagination of indexing progress 2000 per page.
  • Added: New results column ListItemTitle for List items that are not files.
  • Added: url’s are now displayed instead of sp// for stored paths.
  • Fix: Index settings lost when re-editing
  • Fix: List item file attachments not being indexed.
  • Fix: Scheduled Index access

2.0.8493 (2023-04-03)

  • Fix: Indexing Options:  Restore default options displayed each time Default is checked.
  • Fix: Data to Include: when All lists is selected all checkboxes are checked
  • Fix: Data to Include: Default Lists are disabled unless Index All (Default Lists) is selected on previous page.
  • Fix: Improved UI responsiveness whilst lists of Sites are loading when creating and modifying SharePoint Site Indexes.

2.0.8458 (2023-02-27)

  • Enhancement: SharePoint Lists now use tree-views
  • Add: Defaults Lists

1.5.8383 (2022-12-14)

  • Fix: “Unhandled exception” message if “Index Selected” is checked but nothing is selected in the list before clicking Next…

1.5.8363 (2022-11-24)

  • Enhancement:  Creating and Editing SharePoint site indexes is faster; the list of Team Sites and Personal Sites are loaded dynamically using the SharePoint API to remove the long wait for all sites to load when an organisation has a very large collection of sites.
  • Enhancement:  The list of SharePoint Lists is loaded dynamically to speed up creating and editing SharePoint site indexes.
  • Removed: No longer possible to reverse the order of Personal Sites, this is a limitation of using the SharePoint API to dynamically load sites.
  • Fix: On some operating systems, 365 Indexer could encounter an error due to Performance Counters not being present on the system. 365 Indexer no longer uses performance counters during indexing.

1.4.8305 (2022-09-27)

  • Add: SharePoint Sites ‘begins with’ search
  • Add: SharePoint Personal Sites ‘Reverse’ checkbox; If checked the surname and first name are reversed.
  • Add: Site lists are now ordered alphabetically.

1.3.8251 (2022-08-04)

  • Fix: Access Denied retrieving Tenant IDs.

1.3.8243 (2022-07-27)

  • Enhancement: dtSearchNetApi4 dll update
  • Fix: license file address updated to 124 City Road

1.3.8215 (2022-07-01)

  • Enhancement:  Improved memory management to increase indexing performance of SharePoint Lists; decision previously based on arbitrary limit, now if available memory is greater than file size + 128Mb brings file into memory for indexing instead of using disk.
  • Enhancement: Improved indexing speed on high latency connections. Previously for site list items that were files, made a request over Graph API for each file to check file name and size. Now initial query retrieves the lists and returns file names/sizes in one step.
  • Enhancement: Improved indexing speed when getting fields from a list item. Changed method of checking if fields exist to avoid catching exceptions and populating exception stack-traces.

1.2.8209 (2022-06-23)

  • Fix: not listing all sites
  • Fix: repeated admin consent requests

1.2.8133 (2022-04-08)

  • Enhancement: Index name prefix has added colon to be compatible with Desktop 2021.02 Index Groups, old indexes will automatically be renamed.
  • Fix: Error message related to using an account with insufficient privileges to view personal SharePoint sites, behavior of  ‘Ignore’ button changed to ignore subsequent errors of the same type.
  • Fix: if application fails to load personal sites, team sites cannot be indexed.
  • Enhancement: Improved error log if *.oAccount configuration file is empty
  • Added: now uses WebView2 runtime instead of deprecated Internet Explorer control to display account login window.

1.1.7615 (2020-11-06)

  • Added: Schedule information shows ‘Last indexed’
  • Added: Schedule shows time and ‘from’ date
  • Added: Automatic index recognition in dtSearch Desktop
  • Added: Treeview context menu shows Rename
  • Added: Tooltips show file paths in tree-view on main window
  • Added: Tooltips show URL in Edit SharePoint dialog
  • Fix: personal indexes listed in site index list
  • Fix: schedule dialog day/month initially blank
  • Fix: meta data overlap issues
  • Other bug fixes and minor UI improvements

1.0.7492 (2020-07-05)

  • includes .lang file samples for ru-RU, fr-CAN
  • Localization fixes.
  • UI update

1.0.7450 (2020-05-25)

  • .lang file supplied is now pseudo localized +30% length
  • Localization fixes.
  • UI update for consistency with Database Indexer 1.1


  • Added licenses folder


  • Added better detection of dtSearch on same drive.


  • This version requires dtSearch Desktop/Network 7.94 or later to be installed on the same drive.
  • Added: I18N folder for translation file
  • Fixed – indexing errors with old dtSearch Desktop versions – now checks version.


  • Added CheckedListBox Index Options Dialog. Index Options per index.
  • Added localization (Uses external template file).
  • Fixed: Dates in Calendar Entries indexed.
  • Fixed: SharePoint.Client.FieldUserValue indexed as literals
  • Fixed: arrays SharePoint.Client.FieldUserValue[]
  • Fixed: SharePoint.Client.FieldUrlValue
  • Fixed: SharePoint.Client.FieldlookupValue
  • Fixed: SharePoint.Client.FieldStringValue
  • Fixed: HashTags

0.9.7201 (2019-09-19) Initial beta for testing

In Evaluation Mode 365 Indexer is limited as follows:


In an Index Task, 365 Indexer will index a maximum of 3 pages per notebook section. If there are more pages in a section, they will be skipped.


In an Index Task, 365 Indexer will index a maximum of 6 items per list, skipping all further items in the list.

If you would like to take part in beta testing, please contact us

You must be current on support with a licensed version of dtSearch Desktop/Network 7.96 or later.