dtSearch History

2020 - dtSearch UK release 365 Indexer 1.1, Database Indexer 1.2

2019 - dtSearch UK release Database Indexer add-on, User Thesaurus Plus 1.2, and beta '365 Indexer' add-on for SharePoint and OneNote.

2018 - dtSearch UK released List Analyser 1.1 as open-source on GitHub.

2017 - dtSearch Engine for macOS released. MD5 and SHA-256 generating and indexing added. Indexing of embedded links in PDF files.

2016 - dtSearch Engine UWP version released. Multicolor hit-highlighting. dtSearch Desktop indexing of xml and desktop database files as text.

2015 - Support for Apple iWorks, Windows 10, Acrobat Reader DC.

2014 - Android Engine beta.

2013 - OneNote and iCalendar (*.ics) support added, 64 bit Outlook and 64 bit MapiTool. Updated HTML5 search form templates for dtSearch Web and dtSearch Publish. dtSearch UK release new List Analyser beta, Stemming Tester 1.4 beta, User Thesaurus Plus 1.1.

2012 - File filter major updates - embedded image extraction etc. dtSearch UK release new User Thesaurus Plus Add-on (and SharePoint Thesaurus Editor).

2011 - .NET4 support, Azure sample code, direct .PST support, PDF highlighter plug-in. dtSearch UK release Stemming Selector add-on range, and release LEP500 that includes Uzbek and 'Russian Plus' as standard and new Stemming Tester.

2010 - Support added for Visio XML, Framemaker MIF, PDF XFA templates. Language Analyzer synonyms enhancement.

2009 - File filters major udates - XML output added, 'search within results' in Desktop, API updates for faceted search. dtSearch UK release 'Russian Plus' bi-lingual stemmers.

2008 - 64-bit Linux Engine released, 64-bit dtSearch Web, 64-bit .NET Spider API, 64-bit Java API.

2007 - Vista, XMP, XPS support, CJK breaking, entity extraction (dates, credit-cards, e-mails), 64-bit Engine released, major language analyzer API upgrade.

2006 - 64-bit Indexer beta released; IFilters, .NET2, and Office 2007, Vista beta support added.

2005 - Terabyte indexer (v 7.00) released. OpenOffice support.

2004 - Native .NET API added to Engine. dtSearch UK release Eastern European Language Pack.

2003 - Linux version of the dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine released. Language Analyser API added to Engine.

2002 - Forensic indexer included with dtSearch Desktop. dtSearch UK released German versions of the range.

2001 - dtSearch Publish added to range. File support expanded to include Outlook contacts and e-mail attachments, Outlook Express e-mail and attachments. dtSearch UK released French versions of the range.

2000 - dtSearch 6.0 product line released. Unicode based and adding FindPlus distributed searching and other features to improve access to information throughout an organisation, including a new Web Spider, Outlook folder support, and new file formats including XML.

1998 - dtSearch Web launched as an out-of-the-box Internet/Intranet search solution, with point and click setup options.

1995 - dtSearch 5.0 range released for 32-bit Windows.

1994 - dtSearch Corp. expanded its focus to include the developer component marketplace. Major software vendor approached dtSearch Corp. about turning its text retrieval technology into a 32-bit DLL to incorporate in one of the first Windows 95 software products, this was released early 1995. Redevelopment of dtSearch resulted in a complete re-write of the dtSearch code to make efficient use of system resources under the 32-bit Windows platform.

1993 - 16-bit Windows version released.

1991 - dtSearch 1.0 released as a DOS end-user desktop product.

1988 - Development on dtSearch began.