dtSearch Corp

dtSearch Corp. is a private corporation incorporated in Virginia in 1991. dtSearch Corp. develops, manufactures and sells the award-winning dtSearch® line of products. Known for its "industrial-strength" (PC Magazine) ability to instantly search Terabytes of text, the dtSearch product line operates in traditional desktop and network settings, as well as in Web-based environments. The product line encompasses end-user, enterprise-ready, and developer products.

Organisations in over 75 countries with some of the most demanding document search needs in the world rely on dtSearch. Fortune 500 companies, intelligence, space and law enforcement agencies use dtSearch products to provide fast access to information. dtSearch has a strong international presence, including multiple distributors worldwide.

The dtSearch text search and retrieval engine is integrated into hundreds of commercial applications, including applications by SAP, ScanSoft, Seagate Software, Computer Sciences Corp., General Dynamics Information Services, and Verizon. An increasing number of high-traffic, content-rich Web sites also use dtSearch developer products.