About WooCommerce Search

Site Search ONE WooCommerce Search Demo

This Site Search ONE WordPress Plugin demo uses edited sample data from WooCommerce, in total there are 18 Simple, 2 Variable, 1 External and 1 Grouped product. See the Site Search ONE User Guide for details of how to import WooCommerce Product data, and how to setup Faceted navigation using WooCommerce Product Categories, Product Tags and Product Attributes.

Site Search ONE can display the Product Short Description, Product Post Contents and Product Image in the search results, together with all WooCommerce fields such as SKU, ProductColor, ProductSize, etc.

CSS Conditional Rules

This demo uses CSS Conditional Rules in the Link format, it also automatically uses Conditional Sorting, if the search query is empty it will display the Short Description if it exists, otherwise it will display the Post Contents; Results are ordered by Published date if the search query is empty.

To see this in action note that with an empty search query on the first page of results it shows the Short Description for the Album item, but shows the content for Beanie, Hoodie with Pocket, Hoodie with Logo because the Short Description was left blank. Now enter the search term Woo, this time it will display the Content for the Album item with the word woo highlighted in the results, the results are ordered by the number of ‘hits’ in the search results.


The demo uses the options to use stemming by default and hide the user choice. Try a misspelled search for hoody, it will find hoodie or hoodies.


The demo uses the options to use synonyms by default and hide the user choice. Try a search for grey hoodie, it will also find the US spelling gray hoodie. Similarly a search for a crimson or scarlet hoodie will find the red hoodie.

Unlike some other site search plugins the site owner doesn’t have to enter a list of synonyms themselves, it comes as standard with WordNet. User defined synonyms are a premium option, this can be useful for entering brand names, for example a search on Nike can be made to find trainers of other brands.

Conditional Sorting

If the search query is empty it puts your latest products at the top, a shop owner can easily use Quick Edit to change the published date to force an item to the top of the page on first navigating to it, to promote a sale item for example. With a normal search query the results are sorted by number of search ‘hits’.