About News Search

The News Search page uses Site Search ONE WordPress Plugin (beta) to demonstrate using WordPress Tags to provide Faceted Navigation, and Filters to narrow a search on Date Range.

The demo returns all news pages by default so that you can quickly select items of interest using the Facets based on Tags.


Stemming is on by default so that a search for facets for example will also find news items containing facet or faceted, you can also apply stemming to a single word by appending a tilde like this: facets~ matches  facets, facet, faceted


Synonyms uses the WordNet Thesaurus, if you apply this option, a search on route will find news items with road for example. To apply synonyms to a single word append an ampersand (&) like this: court& matches tribunal


Soundex is a phonetic algorithm for indexing names by sound, as pronounced in English. It is also useful if you are not sure of the spelling of a word, but it will give a very broad search, for example #introspectian will find the news item about Intraspexion ranked as the best match, with several unrelated news posts.


Numbers can be entered as a search query, so a quick way of finding news items referring to 2018 is simply to enter 2018 (use the enter key to save having to click on the search icon).

Date Range Filter

The News searchbar also has a date-range filter, just click on the filter button (1), under Published Between type or use the calendar controls to add a date range, click Apply!

Emoji character search is also supported  https://unicode.org/emoji/charts/full-emoji-list.html

How to...

Make a News Search page like this

If your website isn't a blog site

  • From the WordPress Admin screen choose Settings > Writing and change the Default Post Category to News.
  • The default 'blog' template will normally put a side panel with your recent and archived Posts, these can be renamed as we have here into Recent News and News Archive.
  • Install the Site Search One Plugin, create a Search Page called News Search and choose to index Posts with a Category of News
  • Click on the Options button and select "Results link to original page"
  • From the WordPress Admin screen choose Appearance > Menus and add the News Search page to a menu or replace your existing News menu
  • When you create Posts, add Tags so that your site visitors can easily 'drill down' to the content they are interested in
  • When you create Pages (or Posts) add Custom Fields so that your site visitors can easily add a field Filter to their searches

Search Query Syntax

The full search query syntax available in the Site Search One WordPress Plugin can be found here https://searchcloudone.com/search-help/